We are pleased to introduce a new short-term car insurance policy for fickle people. You know who you are or you recognize the type. This type of individual is never happy no matter what type of vehicle they own and no matter how much effort and money they or someone else spent in order to make them happy. They change their mind more than most people change their socks.

The individual may decide upon a different style because of imagined need or simply because they spotted an old rival with the same vehicle as theirs. The individual may simply want a different vehicle just because of its colour, because either the old colour is too common or the new colour is unique or the new car has a custom paint job. The individual may not want other people to be able to recognize him or her. Whatever the reason, our short-term car insurance program is perfect for the individual who constantly changes the type of vehicle he or she owns and drives.

But seriously: you can buy excellent temporary car insurance from www.insuranceshortterm.co.uk!

What is amazing about this type of individual is that they do not seem to mind spending money on title transfers and registration but they want to squeeze every nickel they can on the insurance of said vehicles. Alas, we are here to please and this is why we are proud to introduce our short-term car insurance policy for the discerning individual. We can tailor an individual plan so that the customer pays their premiums monthly or even weekly. Of course, there is a service charge of 15 every time you make a payment. However, you will never pay insurance premiums for longer than you want. You may not save money on your overall insurance premiums but you can set your mind at ease that we will not be using your money interest free and you will only be paying for insurance that you are currently using, whether you need it or not.

While the customer may complain about paying service charges, remember that not all insurance companies offer short-term car insurance policies for people who change cars on a regular basis. In addition, they are using the money people pay their insurance with to invest in annuities so that they are making money when not actually paying money out. Finally, those companies that charge their customers for six months or a year at a time will charge the customer a cancellation or other office charge every time the customer changes their vehicle.

We can help our customers save money with our referral program. When you refer someone to us and he or she purchases a short-term car insurance policy from us for a year, we will give you one month of free car insurance comparable to the type of coverage that the referred purchased (this offer is only available in Outer Mongolia; only during months that contain the letter 'G'; terms and conditions apply).

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